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Oct 13, 2012 2:00am PDT
an msnbc contributor. and joe klein is a veteran like me, a columnist for "time" magazine. joe was active, exciting, overexcited perhaps, laughed a lot, perhaps laughed to ridicule and maybe the ridicule was appropriate. putting it all together, do you agree with me he won? >> oh, yeah, i think he won. i think he gave the other side some talking points with all of his smirking and laughing and so on, although i imagine if you're in the reality-based world, it's kind of tough to just sit there and pout while the guy is, you know -- >> well said. >> -- quoting whoppers. >> what are you supposed to do in this crazy split screen world? what are you supposed to do with your face when the guy three feet from you is saying thins you think are dead wrong? are you supposed to look down like the president did? or do you look up with a jolly face? >> or seriously take notes and shake your head in a disparaging way, but it should be smaller whatever it is than what joe was doing. joe was doing last night. although as he would say, god bless him, i love the guy. >> let me ask you, chris, their view of
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Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> oh, yeah, big time. >> bill: you agree with me and not joe klein. joe klein says not important, forget about it. >> look, i have got to tell you about that joe klein observation. i don't even get that. i mean, libya is is a major story in every big newspaper in the country. it's finally made network news. i have a funny feeling that if four americans were killed in libya after they had asked for more security and george w. bush were president, joe klein would think it was an important story. i mean, this is just a liberal journalist who is rooting for barack obama, dismissing, dismissing libya as an issue. and i'm wondering since we heard it from him and we heard it from the general tonight, i'm just wondering if this is the new talking point. >> bill: it is, definitely. but president obama can't do that. see, he he can't just say hey, this isn't important. i mean, that would be the end of him. but bob schieffer has to make a decision, and this will be well worth watching everyone. whether to make this a central issue issue of the policy debate and say listen, mr. president, i
Oct 28, 2012 10:00am PDT
panel to talk about the economy and obviously a little politics, as well. joe klein is "time's" political economist. amity shlaes is director for the 4% project at the george w. bush institute and author of the forthcoming "coolidge: a biography of america's 30th president." ken rogoff, whom i mentioned, is a professor of economics at harvard university, and chrystia freeland is the editor of thompson reuters digital and author of "plutocrats." become back to both of you. ken, the piece i mentioned, you and carmen rinehart wrote almost a political piece about how the u.s. was doing. you said, look, compared with other big financial crises that meet the recessions, we're doing pretty well. fair? >> yeah. that's a fair characterization of what they said and what we said. i mean, it's fair game to say we can do better. we have a plan where the economy's going to grow better. but it you're going to evaluate what happened, was it a bad recovery, was it a good recovery, i think you have to compare it to deep financial crisis. this was not a plain vanilla recession. you have to comp
Oct 8, 2012 12:00am PDT
and joe klein. the new jobs report gives the obama campaign a much-needed assist after the debacle wednesday night in denver. the debate's closing statements told the tale. the president was down and mitt romney was up. >> you know, four years ago we were going through a major crisis, and yet my faith and confidence in the american future is undiminished. >> it's an important election and i'm concerned about america. i'm concerned about the direction america has been taking over the last four years. what kind of america do you want to have for yourself and your children? chris: and the impact wednesday night can be seen at least four ways. first the media consensus, from the left, center and right. the media called the president's performance a failure and say mitt romney may get a second look now. second, the g.o.p. got a lift. the entire party from fundraising got a pick me up. third, first impressions. voters just tuning into this contest got a view of mitt romney better than anything he's done before. and fourth, big mo. the momentum had been going the president's way and appea
Oct 21, 2012 8:30am PDT
of the "new york times." joe klein of "time" magazine. and our own john dickerson. it's getting hot and heavy, but this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now from lynn university in boca raton, florida, the site of monday's presidential debate, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning, again, and welcome to "face the nation." from boca raton, behind me this morning on the lynn university campus, you see what is known as remembrance plaza. it's a memorial to two professors and four students here who were killed in the haiti earthquake in january of 2011 while on a college service trip. and joining me now the home state senator from florida, senator marco rubio who i heard supports mitt romney. >> now, more than ever. welcome back to florida. >> schieffer: thank you, senator. how high are the stakes for tomorrow's debate? >> i think they're important. all the debates matter. peggy noonan had a great write-up. perhaps the debates matter more than ever before. i think the president created a false image i of mitt romney in the minds of some voters th
Oct 29, 2012 12:00am PDT
more? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, "time" magazine's joe klein. the bbc's katty kay. cnbc's kelly evans. and "the washington post's" david ignatius. first up, we're staring down at the wind tunnel now but historic perfect political storm in the coming nine days of this campaign. and these closing days when we played out in mind games on both sides. the president saying he jist wants to hold on -- he just wants to hold on. >> what we have is a lead that we've maintained throughout this campaign. and we are going to just continue to drive home the message that there are two fundamentally different choices in this election. about where we take the country. chris: and he's on the air with a fear factor ad. >> 537. the number of votes that changed the course of american history. >> florida is too close to call. >> so this year, if you're thinking that your vote doesn't count, that it won't matter. well, back then, there were probably at least 537 people who felt the same way. make your voice heard. vote. chris: mitt romney's mind game is to call heavily the ne
Oct 12, 2012 4:00pm PDT
klein is a veteran like me, a columnist for "time" magazine. joe was active, exciting, overexcited perhaps, laughed a lot, perhaps laughed to ridicule and maybe the ridicule was appropriate. putting it all together, do you agree with me he won? >> oh, yeah, i think he won. i think he gave the other side some talking points with all of his smirking and laughing and so on, although i imagine if you're in the reality-based world it's kind of tough to just sit there and pout while the guy is, you know -- >> well said. >> -- putting whoppers. >> what are you supposed to do in this crazy split screen world? what are you supposed to do with your face when the guy three feet from you you think is dead wrong? are you supposed to look down like the president did? or do you look up with a jolly face? >> or seriously take notes and shake your head in a disparaging way, but it should be smaller whatever it is than what joe was doing. joe was doing last night. although as he would say, god bless him, i love the guy. >> let me ask you, chris, their view of this. we were talking before, if you kno
Oct 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
" magazine's joe klein. >>> up next, jim vandehei with politico's take on last night's debate. first, bill karins with a take on the forecast. bill. >> good morning to everyone. kind of a messy scene out there in numerous spots. let's start in the mid-atlantic. it's another warm, humid morning, very much like summer. and there's a lot of showers that are now popping up. all the areas of green almost right over the top of washington, d.c., to baltimore up through central pennsylvania. bring the umbrella today, maybe give yourself a little extra time. the fog's not quite as bad today as it was yesterday in this region. but showers and storms in this very warm, humid air mass during the afternoon. now, the worst weather in the country by far today is up in north dakota. a full-fledged snowstorm now from grand forks and a little snow beginning now in the fargo area. here's a picture from the university of north dakota, the medical school. you see the snow coming down in the nighttime hours. we're going to expect six inches in grand forks up into north minnesota. first snowstorm of the year. th
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
denver. and next, "time" magazine's joe klein who asks where on earth was the president in last night's debate? keep it on "morning joe." [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. they're this season's must-have accessory. mike rowe here at a ford tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into
Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
taxes. chris: thanks to a great roundtable. joe klein, katty kay, david ignatius and don't forget to like us on facebook and we'll ignatius and don't forget to like us on facebook and we'll be back here next week.
Oct 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
mitchell and joe klein are here. and up next, we have the "must-read opinion pages" right here on "morning joe" live from racks downtown eatery in boca. we'll be right back. [ metal rattling ] ♪ hello? boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get. residue? i prefer food-based phantasm, food-tasm. poultry-geist works too if you used chicken. [ laughs ] resi-doodle-doo. [ female announcer ] bargain brand cooking spray can leave annoying residue. but new pam leaves up to 99% less residue. new pam helps you keep it off. but new pam leaves up to 99% less residue. anncr: every president inherits few have faced so many. four years later... our enemies have been brought to justice. our heroes are coming home. assembly lines are humming again. there are still challenges to meet. children to educate. a middle class to rebuild. but the last thing we should do is turn back now. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message. olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business e
Oct 16, 2012 3:00am PDT
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Oct 22, 2012 2:00am PDT
is the chief washington correspondent for the "new york times." joe klein is "time's" political columnist. and last but not least, our own john dickerson. but before we begin this discussion, i do want to take note that former south dakota senator george mcgovern, who was the democratic presidential candidate in 1972, died this morning. he was 90. he had remained active in public service and interested in politics and public affairs until the very end. last spring, moderated a panel at hunter college in new york that included senator mcgovern, former vice president walter mondale, among others, and he was energetic, engauging, and very witty. he was a world war ii bomber pilot before going into politics. and even those who disagreed with him that you felt him as a very nice man. george mcgovern has passed on at 90. and now to the news of the day. peggy noonan, let's start with you. what do you think the stakes are for this debate tomorrow night? >> oh, i think the stakes are pretty high for both candidates. it is the last of three debates. it is the last time i think the american people a
Oct 23, 2012 3:00am PDT
. >> still ahead -- >> thank you so much. >> "time" magazine's joe klein joins us on the set. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! with a vial and syringe. me, explaining what i was doing at breakfast. and me discovering novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is pre-filled with your pre-mix insulin. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. no vials, syringes or coolers to carry. flexpen is insulin delivery my way. novolog mix 70/30 is an insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. do not inject if you do not plan to eat within 15 minutes to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions, including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. most common side effects include reactions at the injection site, weight gain, swelling of your hands and feet, and vision
Oct 12, 2012 3:00am PDT
't have a record to run on. try to scare people from voting for you. >> welcome back on the set. joe klein. joe, we all have different opinions about this. the reviews are more mixed. it's sort of a split decision. what's your take on what you saw last night? >> you know, i like biden a lot better when he was pitching than when he was catching, you know, when he was talking rather than when he was listening. i thought that on the substance of it, he really nailed ryan awful lot of times but when you look at it, this debate showed the weaknesses of both parties. on the republican side, they are pedalling snake oil. on the democratic side, they are peddling from an empty pack and ryan's most effective moments were when he pointed out that biden didn't have any answers on a lot of issues. biden's most effective moments was when he pointed out that ryan's answers were nonsense. so in that sense i thought it was a draw. biden was more passionate, more real. ryan was a little geeky, i thought. >> what are you talking about? he did these strings of statistics that were mind numbing without any hu
Oct 13, 2012 11:00am PDT
are humming again. >> "time" magazine columnist joe klein wrote earlier this week the president needs to, quote, descend from the mountaintop and make his best case for keeping the job. is this the best strategy shift we're seeing today? >> i think so. he needs to let paem know unlike mitt romney who said let detroit go bankrupt, we double down. also we cannot go back to failed bush policies that got us into this problem to begin with. that's basically what the ryan romney budget is trying to do and when you looked at the debate the other night, craig, and think the nikt two debates you're going to see more of this, paul ryan was very clear. he was being straightforward in saying, you know, i think we should privatize social security. paul ryan was the point man for jorm bush to privatize social security. it went around the country. it basically went other like a turd in a punch bowl. >> every time i have you on you're also so impassioned. when are you going to run for something? >> my wife would kill me. we have two little kids. i'm making sure everybody votes for president obama. >> mi
FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 3:00pm PDT
. "time" magazine joe klein told face the nation viewers this matter has been like the october mirage. it really isn't an issue. "new york times" foreign affairs columnnist tom friedman on "meet the press" said, "to me this is utterly contrived story." on abc, "in this week's" host george stephanopoulos argued "hasn't the white house been relatively transparent?" finally lynn university olest student. jack slodnick about to turn 87 years old will be at tonight's debate. the university's president actually gave up his own ticket for the world war ii veteran. he has big plans after graduation this year. slotnick told us today, "i want to go to the v.a." and work with vets who have ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder. no one can speak better to a soldier than another soldier. he told us he is excited about tonight's debate but would not give us any hints which candidate might get his votes. jack, we hope you enjoy the debate tonight. it was great to talk to you today. we brought you several reports on various voting fraud in the u.s. tonight, something not only in its tactics but in jus
Oct 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in the last four games. you can text vote to 34763. all right, joe, mr. heismanology, what about collin klein's chances for winning it all and winning a trophy? >> joe: collin klein has been impressing the heisman voters. they have been giving him great support. in recent years we've seen the last 12 quarterbacks winning the heisman. heisman voters love guys contending for the bcs title. you see matt scott, what a day he's had but the medical staff having a conversation with him. you saw the backup quarterback, b.j. denker, warming up. scott took a hit to the head, he stayed in and they scored and now matt barkley has to answer, trailing by 11 with 5:21 to play. woods in the slot. barkley with time, and he looked for aguilar and that was incomplete. >> matt: in this second half, it's been a slower day here for matt barkley. he was on fire through that first half and then this defense kind of just slowed him down a little bit. now is when he's got to be that heisman candidate we're talking about. >> joe: this defense has been playing well above expectations. this is an undersize -- guys playin
Oct 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
from joe scarborough to tom friedman to joe klein all admitted -- >> that's not a broad spectrum. >> be that as it may, they all agreed that obama was back and failed to lay out the economic policy for four years. was it mission accomplished or missed opportunity? >> no. i think he didn't do enough of that. i think he did a better job of trying to say with sometimes with mitt romney's help as in the auto industry exchange, did a better job of explaining what good features of his record there are. and the auto industry's prime among them and mitt romney set him up for that but the president still hasn't said what new and different and better ideas he has for a second term. would do a better job or build on the momentum of the first. instead he spent most of his time raising questiing fears anf mitt romney and saying mitt romney will take us backwards and so forth. the president hasn't done a good enough job of making a positive case and that's the reason he is in the fight of his life right now. >> all right. howard fineman, see you next week i hope. thank you for joining us. >>>
FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 10:00am PDT
joe klein wrote, quote, mitt romney won this debate, barack obama lost it. i mean got his butt kicked. it was one of the most inept performances i have ever seen by a sitting president. joining me, jonah goldberg. and bernard whitman who is a her to of "52 reasons to vote for obama." i expect the wednesday night debate performance is not on the list in your book but it' it's interesting to hear the list of reasons. saying he didn't have time to prepare. why not move on it wasn't a great night. everybody knows people have off nights, move on. >> that's what the campaign has to do. one of the 52 reasons is not that he's a great debater. the reason for what happened is obama went against his nature. i think the decision was made for him to be cautious and to let mitt romney be mitt romney and hopefully fail to win the debate. unfortunately that was a huge strategic blunder because the president in attempting to be cool, be presidential and stay agovernment fray ended up looking detached, he looked off and a bit listless. romney is great that fabricating facts on the fly. and obama did no
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Oct 17, 2012 8:00am PDT
. joe klein is the editorial page where the leader. did you feel that earthquake? reporter: i did. it wasn't just the politics of the situation. jenna: what did you think of the debate last night? how much of a factor do you think it will be for new hampshire voters? >> i don't think it will be terribly big as a factor. it looked like it was a draw. neither candidate landed an economy knockout blow. new hampshire being the state where it is now tied in the polls. i don't think that they really changed a lot. you know, -- jenna: the polls only tell us so much. how does it feel out there? does it feel as close as the numbers are reflecting my now? >> it does. new hampshire has pockets is a small state. pockets of democrat voters in pockets of republican voters. towns that are sort of mixed as well. it does look pretty close. people are pretty excited. people in democratic towns are excited, people in republican towns are excited. you'll notice that where there president and ronnie go to visit. everyone i have talked to our campaign watchers. you know, they are coming to turn out vot
Oct 11, 2012 3:00am PDT
to tomorrow for post-debate coverage, we have "time" magazine columnist joe klein here. also, tom brokaw will be one of our many guests. it's going to be morning of a thousand stars as we break down tonight's vice presidential debate tomorrow. straight ahead, we've got new swing state polls out in florida, in ohio, in virginia, in colorado, in wisconsin, and in all 57 states. keep it right here on "morning joe." >>> good morning. it's 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m. on the west coast. time to wake up as you take a live look at new york city. back with us on set, we have steve schmidt. >> he's great. >> steve ratner. >> he's a fip inancier. >> and in danville, kentucky, mark halperin. >> he's in kentucky. so, mika, turning to the numbers now, this race couldn't be any closer. what would dan say? it's a tick on -- what kind of dog? >> what would who say? oh, dan rather. >> not dan seymour. >> it's hot as aat tick on a do. wait. this race is as tight as a tick on a texas terrier. take us through the polls. >> we have to bring him in for some of those. >> dan rather, could you come in. we
Oct 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
supporter of voc ed. joe klein, as you know -- one of the things we're seeing in the education system is at the very high end, the very elite schools are doing fine. and what used to be considered the bottom end, the community colleges, vocational education, they are doing very well, too, because people need them. there are jobs out there that are unfilled because the skill set of the applicants doesn't make it. and we're not educating people to that purpose. and voc ed is not just about plumbing or being an electrician but computer engineering and all the new skill sets related to the digital economy where we need to have an educated expertise. >> the new cover of "time" "reinventing college." rick stengel, thank you very much. >> that's a real chalkboard, by the way. >> is it really? >> the artist did that and we photographed it and we had to close it early because you can't change chalk. >> that's true, you can't. all right. rick, thank you very much. >> thank you, rick. >> more "morning joe" in just a moment. s wow! it's even bigger than i thought. welcome to progressive. do you g
Oct 23, 2012 4:00am PDT
washington editor, rick klein. thank you for being here. >> thank you, guys. >> we'll have fresh reaction coming up on "good morning america" today. we'll talk with vice president joe biden and also romney running mate, paul ryan. >>> chicago area congressman jesse jack jr. is apparently on his way back to the mayo clinic for more treatment. jackson quietly went on medical leave in june. and his office released little information until confirming he was being treated at the clinic for bipolar disorder. he was released in september and returned to his washington home. >>> disturbing details about the shooting in a wisconsin day spa. the man who killed his wife and two other women had been terrorizing the women for years. the wife took out a restraining order days before the shooting, saying he threatened to kill her. that should have prevented her husband by getting a gun. but he went around the law by buying one in a private sale. >>> tropical storm sandy is barreling through the caribbean, poised to unleash heavy downpours. it could strengthen into a hurricane by the time it hits jamaica
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